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n1 clavNORD DRUM (Drum Synth)
I was aware of this companies iconic Keyboards and other gear (including the “Ddrum“), so the moment I heard they made  dedicated Drum Synth I was curious ..once i heard it I loved it and finally got mine a few yrs back 2nd hand .. It has its own sound ..very clean , very warm while being kinda precise on claps and snare sounds ,,while at the same time able to generate some crazy percussion sounds of all timbres (with up & downward pitch bending as an added extra) . Tbh  “I feel it works best with other Drum Machines” The unit has 4 sound outputs per kit & can be trigger by Midi or Gate signal. easy to use & I’m really happy with it. In fact I would only sell it to buy a “NORD DRUM 2” which i feel is a much better unit by far with added effects and 6 sounds per kit instead of 4 , plus a socked to connect the external “NORD PAD”. The is also a great IOS app to sequence & control the unit remotely. Bad News ..*I HATE THE  NORD DRUM 3 , & secretly dream of a NORD DRUM4 (with USB added and an easy way to load samples). Good News ..  I will post a link to my FREE NORD DRUM SAMPLE PACK BELOW….
now enjoy the beauty shots & the links .
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    1. NO I HAVE NOT REALLY TRIED 1 BUT I LOVE THE NORD DRUM 2 cos i dont need pads .. and i felt for that small size its so much power to have .. also i love the nord drum ios .. .
      which do u think is the best Nord drum model ?

  1. Hello! Thank you for the samples, they are great. I was wondering what audio interface you were using to record them.

    1. Hi thanks for you comment ..& im really glad you like them .. I now have a NORD DRUM2 and will be uploading some packs from that aswell as smany other spund designed drum we made to share soon ..
      Now regarding your question these nord drum sounds were made by directley sampling them ibto my MPC lice as i wanted a slightly processed sound too them and it was also much easier to bilk edit and format them that way .. but some f our other sounds are recorded through a “RME UCX with Adat Expansion”
      @lease subscribe and stay intouch or feel free to let me know if theres any other Drum Synth sounds your interested in .

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